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Researchers in Japan have evaluated a new multimodal approach for neck rejuvenation.

Cosmetic neck rejuvenation is one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures for clinicians. A multi-modal approach is necessary because so many factors contribute to the aging of the neck. A multimodal approach to rejuvenate the neck was reported and published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment.

The authors evaluated the effect of neck rejuvenation from having combined therapy using a micro-focused ultrasound with visualization (MFU-V), neuromodulator injection, and filler injection. The study included ten female participants from Asia who had neck aging from mild-to-moderate degrees. The women participated in a single session that required the following to be done to assist the process:

  1. MFU-V or calcium hydroxyapatite injection for restoring skin laxity
  2. hyaluronic acid filler injection for horizontal neck lines
  3. neuromodulator injection for platysmal bands.

Photographs were taken in three phases, pre-treatment, immediately after the treatment, and three months post-treatment. It was reported that the Asian skin appears to be thicker in texture than that of Caucasians.

All ten women showed improvements after treatment and the neck rejuvenation process was observed to be effective. The combined neck treatment, although different among the women all showed signed of significant treatment effectiveness at varying degrees. The researchers observed that these Asian women, having experienced the multimodal approach to neck rejuvenation, reported patient satisfaction.

Written by Dr. MòNique J. Grant Coke, DNP, MPH, BSN, Medical Writer

Reference: Eun Jin Doh, Jiwon Kim, Dong Hun Lee & Je-Young Park (2017): Neck rejuvenation using a multimodal approach in Asians. Journal of Dermatological Treatment. DOI: 10.1080/09546634.2017.1395801

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